The Carbonnell family, Valoriser the precision of the actions of the owner of Château Valmy and winemaker since 1930, has always been in search of elegance and excellence.

Ancestral Catalan family, this brand was created to recreate and express the remarkable terroirs of their region of heart. Alliance of tradition and know-how Terra Nobilis owes its authenticity to a selection of noble lands of Roussillon.

A touch of expertise, a dash of audacity and a sea of ​​knowledge, to honor these soils and get all the quintessence of soil and fruit. Vignerons du Roussillon and preserve our wine heritage to allow free expression of old vines is our state of mind.

Our values ​​inspire us to a deep respect for nature and those around it.
This is why in our fragmentary selections man has his place. Guarantor of its local culture, taming chaotic reliefs and knowing each of its vines, it is a masterpiece of the expression of the terroir.

Fruit of our rigor and our expertise in parcel selection, our cuvées all have a unique and authentic expression.