With a true mosaic of terroirs between the Mediterranean and mountains, these noble grape varieties express themselves in an exceptional way while preserving all their authenticity.


The Roussillon is an amphitheater opening onto the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by the Corbières and the Pyrenees.

On north exposures, at 350 m altitude, the black Grenache and the black earth of Maury form a charming duo, expressing all the strength of the landscapes of the Cathar country and the tenderly fruity sweetness of Grenache.


The Aspres terroir, for its part, is located on a tormented geological zone and presents very heterogeneous soils. On this heterogeneous soil, the selection of qualitative plots gives birth to the AOC Côtes du Roussillon les Aspres. In the highlands (250 m above sea level) overlooking the plain of Roussillon, Syrah and Carignan of more than 80 years give all their power and scents of garrigue.


The villages of the Catalan country

Further east, along the Corbières, is the Appellation area of ​​the PDO Côtes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel.
This terroir spreads on limestone-dominated hillsides with areas of schistose marl, giving wines with powerful tannins, characterized by notes of ripe fruit, spices and garrigue.

Returning to Agly, south of Maury, perched 350 m on a plateau of granite arenas is the vineyard of AOP.


Cotes du Roussillon Villages Lesquerde. With a variety of landscapes dominated by impressive cliffs of white limestone, its location and the composition of its soils make it a unique terroir giving wines very racy mineral notes, spicy and undergrowth.


On the AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages Caramany area, down to the southeast, the vineyard is planted on gneisses and granite soils. The terroir with the typical red color, is extremely favorable to the production of gourmet wines defined as soft, fresh and aromatic.


Further downstream, the Côtes du Roussillon AOC Villages Latour- de-France PDO is nestled on hillsides characterized by gray-brown schist soils and mica-schists. The shaly soils of this terroir give the wines wild and spicy notes.


The Collioure appellation is located on a brown shale balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. The ravines and the hills follow one another and the vines are established in very narrow terraces.

The combination of these remarkable soils, the intense sunshine and the marine influence give this appellation a very special microclimate.